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Monday, May 21, 2012

MeMadeMay 2012 Round Up: Days 16-20

Day 16: Anna Maria Horner Socialite Dress pattern in home decor fabric by Premier Prints.  I have two  Socialite dresses, both in home decor fabric and every time I see a home decor fabric I like, i think about making another Socialite Dress.  They've worked out really well for me with this pattern, but I really don't think I want three of the same dress in my wardrobe.  There are other patterns to conquer.

Day 17: I had a breezy little pair of shorts planned with this material I got at JoAnns and Simplicity 1833. I finally got around to making a muslin and was pleased to find that all I really needed to do was lower the front a bit and raise the back a bit and I was good to go.  Well.... hypothetically.  I guess I didn't really pay good attention when I made my muslin.  And what good is the time you take to make a muslin if you don't pay attention to how it fits!!?  No good at all!
These shorts are still higher waisted than I really wanted and they pull at my thighs when I walk.  I'm hoping to fix the problem on the next pair, when I figure out how.  Thus the pondering pose.

Day 18: Mini challenge Friday - Green
These are my discolicious pants that debuted in September and have been worn in public a total of maybe 3 times.  They are my favorite pj pants and I'm ok with them living their lives in the confines of my house.  Me enjoying what I make is what matters most, right?
That being said, look at the awesome leg shape on these!  The crotch fit is amaaaaazing and they are super comfortable, so I think they need to be made again in a more, shall we say, toned down fabric.  Chambray would be fun.

Day 19: Next up, leggings!  I bought this really cute, super-soft knit from Denver Fabrics (I don't see it there now, which stinks, because I want more!) not really knowing what I would do with it.  Wait, hold that thought!  My brain just woke up and told me that I actually bought this at JoAnn's.  Hooray!  I remember now seeing it get cut off the bolt.  That means I CAN have more.  Fantastic.
So these are leggings from McCalls 6173 which has great reviews and I'm giving it a total thumbs up too.  I was kinda crazy and cut a Medium for the top of the back and tapered down to a Small.  For the front, I cut a Small and tapered down to an X-Small.  I also cut the back about two inches higher at teh waist. Everything went together great and there is room for my ample booty without worrying about ripping an important seam. :)

Day 20:  Kinda boring.  Simplicity 2892 made in AMH voile, worn with grey shorts from Anthro while nuzzling the puppy dog. 

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  1. Hello! I made a Sorbetto!!!! It was the first garment pattern I made, back in the winter when I started sewing clothes, but I didn't love it... So thanks for motivating me to give it another shot! I'm much happier with it now. I blogged about it at http://crafting-a-rainbow.tumblr.com/post/23518921398/two-tone-sorbetto-aka-two-peas-in-a-pod