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Thursday, May 31, 2012

MeMadeMay 2012 Round Up: Days 26-31

Day 26: Vogue 2899 dress and on my daughters - Brownie Goose Nelle dress pattern, Whimsy Couture ruffle pants in denim and Walmart tee with gathered fabric rectangle as skirt.
When we got home from church and lunch, I changed into a lace-yoke t-shirt.

Day 27: me-made pj's that I didn't photograph
Day 28: Happy Memorial Day!  I wore my Colette Clovers and enjoyed hotdogs grilled by my husband, sweet potato fries cut and cooked by my husband and an excellent Mojito made by my excellent husband. :D

Day 29:  Sis Boom Jamie Dress and my living room as it actually looks most of the time.  My girls love to play with all the pillows on the floor and I am forever placing them back on the couch.

Day 30: orange tee from Old Navy and favorite Amy Butler gathered elastic-waist skirt.

Day 31: New Sorbetto from Sorbetto Sew Along and Colette Clovers.

here are the sew-along links. 

I had a really great time this month making use of my Me Mades.  I'm still struggling with wearing the things I make on a regular basis, so this is just the kind of thing that helps to spur me on toward being more comfortable in my me-made wardrobe and shows me what I really like and dislike.
I'm already looking forward to next year's me made month!

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