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Friday, May 11, 2012

MeMadeMay 2012 Round Up: Days 6-10

Day 6: Anna Maria Horner Socialite Dress pattern made in Amy Butler home decor Trumpet Flowers.

Day 7: Anna Maria Horner Needleworks fabric from her Loulouthi line made into Simplicity 2591.  The fit is excellent because this is my second version and I made some alterations to the pattern based on the fit of my first attempt.
There are lots of things I wish were different about this dress.  
1) I fell in love with this particular colorway of this fabric and was practically hugging it all the way home after buying it.  I particularly wanted the mustard color at the top to feature the large rose pattern on the fabric right where one might wear a pin or brooch.  However, I do NOT like this color next to my skin.
2) I wanted the side panels to be the same blue as in the fabric, but I couldn't find any exact matches at the store... to ANY of the colors.  I chose forrest green, which compliments the other colors, but has now made the whole thing send me a backwoods log-cabin vibe.  I can't really explain it.  The mustard, burgandy and forrest green together... I feel like I should be standing under an elk head on the wall.
3) I used bias tape instead of hemming because hemming would have made it too short and because I wanted to bring out the little bit of pink in the fabric.  The bias tape is pink, but it's such a light pink that it looks white, so it fails to bring out the pink in the dress.
This just seems to be one of those times for me when I made the fabric into something it wasn't really meant to be.
Day 8: Two me-mades today!  I'm wearing my new (as in, made the day before) Scout Tee from Grainline Patterns.  I am really happy to have discovered this pattern.  Who knew you could make something that looks like a t-shirt, but is woven instead of knit?
I'm wearing my new tee with my turquoise Colette Clovers and a fabric-covered bead necklace.

Day 9: I get to have a pass today and wear my new crochet detail tunic I got the day before from the Target clearance rack and some khakis.  I carried my new clutch made from the Cassablanca Clutch pattern from Charlie's Aunt off Etsy.  It's a really adorable shape and it's large enough that I just transferred everything I usually carry, including two extra diapers, into it from my purse.

Day 10: Here is the second tunic I bought from the awesome clearance rack at Target. (I'm finally learning to buy more than one of something if I love the style!)  I paired it with my red Clovers.
Here I am acting as if I can just lounge around in my living room all day.


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