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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


If you're here from Facebook or here as a follower or because someone sent you or just by chance... WHATEVER the reason, you need to know that I'm going to host a Colette Sorbetto Sew-Along starting May 15th.  It will just go untill the end of May, because the Sorbetto isn't that involved.
Join in if you like and sew up your own oh-so-versatile top.  This is a perfect top for beginners because there's not anything too difficult, but at the same time, you'll pick up some valuable skills (as one ALWAYS does when using a Colette pattern) that will take you further on your sewing journey.  For those of us that are more advanced, this pattern is a great one to alter and add to.  You can really get creative with it!
This is a great pattern to show off a quilting cotton that you love, or to ventrure into possibly uncharted territory and try out a voile or even a rayon blend.

So, just for starters, here are some links for your to enjoy.
The link for the pattern:
Blog post where gathers are exchanged for the pleat:
Floral top:
Sleeve addition:
A week of sorbetto variations by Mena Trott:

I think that should be enough to get you salivating.
More later!


  1. Good plan! A Sorbetto was the first garment I made mself, and it was the perfect project to build my confidence! In the end, I've only worn it once because the fit is a bit off, so this will be a perfect excuse to try again!

  2. Fantastic! This top has been on my to do list for quite some time now. I am all in!

  3. I'm in. I made a sorbetto ( http://quepuedohacerconesto.blogspot.com.es/2012/02/sorbetto-top.html) but I want to do more.

    1. I've worn my 2 Sorbetto's three times in 7 days. :D I think I need some more, so I'm in! Love your Pinterest inspirations!

  4. I hope to join if its not too late.

  5. But it's a few years unless someone has a time machine