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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sorbetto Sew Along: Part Four

We're close to the finish line now!
Up next, bias tape to finish off the neck and arms.  Of course, you could add sleeves at this point and/or a collar of some sort.  I've got a lot going on with mine already and I'm particularly fond of the diagonal lines made when you turn a stripe into bias tape, so I decided to stick with the pattern for mine.
One thing I found is that it is really helpful to clip into your seam allowance all the way around before your fold the bias tape over.  It's not such a struggle for it to curve like it needs to.
Try your best not to tug on the fabric of the top as you apply the tape.  Wrinkles like to sneak in there if the fabric gets stretched.
Lastly, press it with a good, hot iron (as hot as your fabric choice can stand) to help everything lay nicely.

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