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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sorbetto Sew Along: Part Three

Darts.  They are one of those things that represented an advanced pattern to me, back when I was only sewing kids clothes.  I figured they took lots of skill and were hard to do correctly.  I imagined pointy, pokey ends and wonky shapes.  I was happy sticking to gathers and belts to help with shape.

Lo and behold, darts really aren't that bad.  When I finally tried a pattern with them, I was in awe of the improvement in shaping a garment.  It was the next step for me toward garments that are me-made, but don't look so home-sewn, if you know what I mean.

So let's tackle those darts today!

Here are some resources if you need a bit more encouragement.
More from Coletterie
From Schwin and Schwin
On YouTube (watch from 1:38-3:40)

If you decide to look at all of these, you'll see that there are varying opinions and methods, just try one and as you continue on your journey, you may end up with a favorite.

After you finish the darts, move on to the shoulder seams and side seams, my favorite part.  It's starting to look like a "real" top!

And here's where you get to see my forgetfulness in adding a seam allowance to the back ruffle piece...

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