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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sorbetto Sew Along: Let's Get This Party Started

It's official!  Day One of the Sorbetto Sew Along.  I'm going to give the procrastinators a couple more days to get everything together and then we'll start the real sewing.
Step One - Print out the free pattern (see link in previous post).  Tape together and cut out.

Step Two - Cut out pattern pieces from fabric.

Note: Consider adding a bit of length when you cut, as I've heard many people (including me) mention it feels quite short on.  You can always shorten, but you can't add length.
Another Note: If you are going to gather instead of pleat, you can still cut out the pattern pieces as they are, no changes needed until actual sewing begins.
Yet Another Note: If you are eliminating the pleat all together, just line up the fabric fold with the pleat line instead of the edge of the pattern piece.

Step Three: Decide on what bias trim you will use.  You can use store bought or make your own.  Here are some links for making your own.
From Coletterie: How to make bias tape and Continuous bias tape

From Sempstress: Making Bias Tape

From Creative Little Daisy: DIY Bias Tape Maker

I'll be back on the 17th to start sewing with you!

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  1. Good notes, I think it's short, so I will make it longer.